About us

Hello. We are Illawarra Brewing Co. We are proud to have been independently brewing exceptional craft beer since 2011.  

In the beginning we predominately contract brewed for other breweries while they found their feet. Our focus then shifted to developing our own core beer range, with some seasonal small batch brews thrown in the mix. Think local, drink local.

During this time a consistent flow of youngsters eager to learn the craft came on board. The business became a nursery for brewers and on refining their skills they graduated and set their sights on the big city and the big cousins, being larger brewing companies.

At the end of the day we could dazzle you with fancy pants brewing terms but that’s just not us, we just don’t feel the need. We’re confident in what we do, and we let our product speak for itself.

Over time we’ve created a community. A gathering of folks from all walks of life with two things in common, a taste for great beer and a hankering for shared company. We are more than beer.

When you visit our space for a cold one, you’ll be greeted with a smile. We guarantee a relaxed, family and pet friendly unpretentious vibe.

Come on down and meet the crew.